AES Tokyo Convention 2009
Convention Paper Submission Form

Information to authors

Manufacturer's name and model names or numbers shall not be used in titles and abstracts, and should be kept to a minimum in the text (generic descriptions should be used). The trademark symbol is not permitted. Trademarked names in titles and abstracts should be replaced by generic descriptions where possible. If trademarked names are retained in titles and abstracts, they will not be acknowledged as such.

Generating a PDF file

The following points should be checked by the author before sending a PDF manuscript.

After submission of your paper, you can't modify the fundamental part of your manuscript. Please carefully consider your manuscript.

Paper ID
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(Only for Japanese authors)
Comma separated Authors in English (Affiliation)
著者 (所属) カンマ区切り
(日本語: Only for Japanese)
Abstract (60- to 120-word)
Abstracts will be published in the convention program, so please choose your wording carefully.
I transfer the copyright of this convention paper to AES Japan section. Yes
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